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Category: Porter Scavenger Tubing Parts

Porter Scavenger Tubing Parts 

Replacement connectors and tubing for Porter Nitrous Oxide scavenger tubing systems.

Porter’s expertise in measuring and controlling gases is what makes Porter Nitrous Oxide Sedation Systems perfect for your patients and your practice.

Our sedation delivery systems come in either built-in or portable nitrous oxide units (using cylinders) and offer the highest levels of precision, patient comfort, and equipment safety. The entire Porter Nitrous Oxide System, from the precision flowmeter and the patented Automatic Vacuum Switch, to the unique double-mask nitrous scavenging system, can enhance the patient experience.

The revolutionary Porter SILHOUETTE Nasal Mask is a single patient use nasal mask and breathing circuit designed with lightweight tubing and a comfortable and conforming mask. Designed by a dentist to make nitrous oxide easier to use.
Porter Disposable Liners
For those preferring a single-use disposable nasal hood option, but not wishing to sacrifice scavenging efficiency, Porter scented and unscented Disposable Liners are the perfect choice for high volume offices.

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