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Accutron ClearView Single-Use Large Adult Nasal Hoods

SKU: Clearview1

Accutron ClearView Single-Use Large Adult Nasal Hoods


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Accutron ClearView Single-Use Large Adult Nasal Hoods

Accutron™ ClearView™ Nasal Masks connect effortlessly to:
ClearView™ Scavenging Circuits I (43005 and 43006)
ClearView™ Scavenging Circuit II (43003 and 43004)
Any existing PIP+ Scavenging Circuit
Any Porter™ Brown Scavenging Circuit (no adaptor required)
Matrx Scavenging System (has one smooth tube on each side and
comes with two connections) requires adapter SKU 35360, $57.00

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  • X-ray compatible
  • Meets NIOSH and ADA flow rate recommendations
  • Mask-in-mask design draws excess gas into vacuum, reducing ambient N2O
  • Clear outer mask shows patient “breathing through nose” (fogging appears in mask)
  • Soft inner mask creates desirable nasal/facial seal and seal can be seen through clear outer mask
  • Low profile expands clinical field of view and provides easier access to the mouth
  • Low profile keeps patients from adjusting mask to see operatory TV monitor and staff activities
  • Single-use minimizes cross-contamination; saves staff time
  • Latex-free material protects patients and staff who have latex allergies

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Weight 2 lb
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in





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