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Amico A2M-E-30 ALERT-2 Master Alarm Panel

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Amico A2M-E-30 ALERT-2 Master Alarm Panel

Medical Gas Master Alarm Panels are required by NFPA in most medical facilities to monitor source equipment such as medical vacuum system, medical air compressors, medical gas manifolds, and oxygen bulk farms.  The Amico master alarms connect to source equipment via dry contacts on a closed circuit, alarm when signal opens.  The master alarm accepts low voltage signal, and main line high and lows via pressure switch.  The Amico master alarms work with any brand of source equipment.

  • Amico Alert 2 master alarm panel is one of the most versatile and dependable alarm panel in the market
  • Use twisted, shielded size 18 cable when installing (one pair per signal)
  • A green LED indicator for normal and a red LED indicator for abnormal conditions
  • Up to 60 functions in a standard configuration
  • LED Alarm lights utilized for long life
  • Area Alarm Modules can be intermixed with Master Alarm Modules
  • Maintenance mode for ease of trouble shooting
  • Self diagnostic circuitry for added reliability
  • Modules can be upgraded in the field to interface to a building management system or slave alarm
  • Alarm buzzer in excess of 90 decibels
  • All modules to be mounted on a hinged frame for easy accessibility
  • Acknowledged alarm shows continuous RED signal
  • Repeat alarm adjustable 1, 12, 24 hours or 0″
  • Dry contacts for remote monitoring of high and low alarms and the distance between the master module and source equipment can be up to 10,000 ft.

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