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Beacon Medaes MNE-HH4X4-O2-AS Lifeline NFPA Automatic Changeover Manifold

SKU: 08125

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Beacon Medaes MNE-HH4X4-O2-AS Lifeline NFPA Automatic Changeover Manifold

The BeaconMedæs Lifeline® automatic Changeover manifold accommodates multiple high pressure cylinders equally divided into two banks for a specific gas service. The cylinder banks are arranged in a staggered configuration and provide an uninterrupted supply of gas for the specific gas application. The manifold is cleaned, tested, and prepared for the indicated gas service and constructed in accordance with requirements of the latest edition of NFPA 99 and CGA.

A bank regulator (one for each cylinder bank) is used to initially reduce the cylinder pressure to the two line regulators which control the final line pressure. The manifold automatically changes from the depleted primary supply bank to the secondary supply bank without fluctuation in line pressure utilizing dome-bias loading and unloading of the bank regulators. After replacement of the depleted cylinders, the manifold automatically indicates the replaced cylinder bank as the secondary supply. Manual resetting of the control panel is not necessary.

The power supply and control board are furnished inside a pre-mounted NEMA 4 enclosure. The power supply has electrical requirements as follows: 250mA max at 100-250VAC 50/60Hz single phase input to 24VDC output. The control board includes dry contacts for (2) separate, electrically isolated remote alarm connections for manifold Changeover.

Manifolds are to be installed in accordance with requirements stated by NFPA 99, CGA and all applicable local codes. Manifold components are designed to work best over a temperature range of 0°F through 130°F. Wider temperature variation may cause manifold malfunctions to occur. The BeaconMedæs Lifeline® manifold has been environmentally tested to MIL STD 810F. The Lifeline® power supply and control board is fully contained inside a NEMA 4 enclosure, allowing for outdoor installations. Liquid-tight conduit fittings are required for outdoor installations.

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