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Powerex PX-CCU12OX1H Digital Standard Oxygen Manifold 

SKU: 08479

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Powerex PX-CCU12OX1H Digital Standard Oxygen Manifold 

Powerex manifolds are cleaned for use with oxygen. Each system is tested for changeover, triggering of alarms and leakage. Each unit is designed and prepared for the indicated gas service. Powerex manifolds are built in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association and Compressed Gas Association guidelines.

All Powerex manifolds are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the period of one year from date of purchase. All circuit boards are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the period of three years from date of purchase.

  • Fully automatic changeover
  • No valves or levers to reset after each changeover
  • Compatible with Powerex T-Net medical gas monitoring system
  • Saves time and improves safety
  • Field upgradeable design
  • Kits allow unit to be changed from – i.e. cylinders to portable bulk or from standard flow to high flow or from lower delivery pressure to higher delivery pressure
  • Field adjustable high/low pressure alarms
  • Uses convenient buttons on circuit board
  • Circuit board triggers all required NFPA 99 alarms
  • Simplifies wiring and reduces cost
  • Unit includes hi/low line pressure transducer
  • Eliminates need to purchase hi/low pressure switch improving alarm accuracy and improving safety (manifold will automatically alarm if a transducer goes bad)
  • Easy to service layout/design
  • Microprocessor-based control panel
  • Incorporates LED’s and illuminated text display readable even in poor lighting conditions
  • Electronic monitoring of circuits
  • Up to 19 error, alarm or information messages displayed for ease of maintenance
  • Accurate, long life pressure transducers for monitoring of line pressure and bank pressures
  • Analog gauges also provided for use in event of power failure
  • Pressures may be displayed in PSIG / kPa / BAR
  • Built in DISS gas specific emergency feed ports
  • Built in emergency reserve bank ports
  • Input power 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (120 – 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz on all models without heaters)
  • Dual line pressure regulators on NFPA 99 models
  • Gas specific header bar with integral check valves and cylinder pigtail assemblies
  • Variety of header configurations available to meet the available space requirements of your installation
  • Available in weatherproof cabinet for outdoor installation

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