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Concoa 5264138-01-320 High Purity Automatic Manifold – CO2

SKU: 08432

Concoa 5264138-01-320 High Purity Automatic Manifold CO2




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Concoa 5264138-01-320 High Purity Automatic Manifold CO2

The 526 series switchover is an automatic switchover system designed to provide a continuous supply of high purity gas. This unit may be used with one cylinder per side, or used with a manifold that has increased storage capacity. The inlet of the switchover system may be purchased with open ports, diaphragm valves, manifold connectors, or flexible pigtails. The system, when configured with manifold connectors, is for use with the 528 Series Maniflex system. If constant outlet pressure is required, a regulator will need to be installed as part of the switchover system (as with the 526 XX1X through XX7X models) or down stream after the switchover system. If the system includes the optional remote alarm, refer to ADI 5106 or ADI 8824 for installation and operation instructions.

With 526 XXX3 models, an optional remote alarm provides an audible and visual warning that a changeover is about to occur. Pressing a button on the front of the remote alarm silences the audible alarm. The LED’s on the remote alarm indicate the status of the left and right banks.

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