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Porter 3420AV MXR Telescoping Wall Arm Package With AVS

SKU: 04618

Porter 3420AV MXR Telescoping Wall Arm Package With AVS


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Porter 3420AV MXR Telescoping Wall Arm Package With AVS

The Porter MXR-3000 flowmeter is constructed with precision Porter glass flow tubes and ergonomic control valves for flow and percentage. An oxygen quick connect is conveniently located on the side of the meter.

  • Flowmeter: Indicates flow in L/min and percent N2O of total flow with accuracy of ± 5%. Includes Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) for N2O and O2 connectors.
  • Flowmeter Tubes: Direct reading flow tubes for Oxygen and N2O for accurate, visual flow readings.
  • Dual Seal Fail-Safe: Automatically reduces N2O if O2 is shut off or pressure is reduced Gas Control Block: One-piece, solid aluminum construction. Eliminates internal gas leaks.
  • Gas Flow Adjustment Knobs: Control knob-type knobs for quick, accurate, one-hand adjustment of gas flows.
  • Emergency Air Valve: Automatically provides patient with ambient Air if gas flow is interrupted for any reason.
  • Non-rebreathing Check Valve: Prevents rebreathing of used gases and guards against CO2 build-up.
  • Positive ON / OFF Switch: Eliminates possibility of accidentally leaving the machine on. Color- coded for Oxygen.
  • Oxygen Power Flush Button: Provides extra delivery of O2. Button is accessible to override all other gas flows and deliver 100% O2. Color-coded for Oxygen.
  • Flow Control knob: Total flow adjustment knob which controls flow of both N2O and O2 at any desired concentration. Total flow can be adjusted without affecting concentration. Includes posi-stop needle valves for adjustment of all flows—prevents damage to valves and seats.
  • Oxygen Quick Connect: Facilitates connection of resuscitation equipment to the central system.


  • MXR 3000 Head Unit
  • AVS 5000 Vacuum Control Unit
  • Porter 5155-3 Adult Breathing Circuit – No Vacuum Control
  • Telescoping Wall Arm

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Weight 10 lb
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 14 in
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