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Powerex PX-T2UPFFF Master Touchscreen 8 Signal Alarm

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Powerex PX-T2UPFFF Master Touchscreen 8 Signal Alarm

The Powerex Med Touch Master Alarm Panel monitors and displays normal and alarm conditions from up to 128 remote medical gas source signals and provides alarm conditions as required by the latest edition of NFPA 99. The alarm is ETL listed to UL 1069 and CSA C22.2 # 205 Signal equipment.

  • Pressure switches, transducers and DISS union check valve connectors are sold separately.
  • 2.85” LCD touch screen displays up to 8 normal and alarm conditions for pressure switch sensor inputs
  • 2.85” LCD touch screen displays up to 8 normal and alarm conditions and provides a digital pressure display for up to 4 transducer sensor inputs
  • 2.85” LCD touch screen displays normal and high/low alarm conditions for one 4 – 20 mA sensor input
  • The LCD touch screen allows all alarm programming and set up to be done without the use of tools
  • A green normal or red alarm condition for each gas service confirms the condition for each individual gas service
  • Emergency preparedness instructions – Med Touch Alarm Panels allow users to set up customized instructions for each alarm signal which appear on the screen when the signal is in alarm
  • Up to 128 remote master signals in a single panel
  • Up to 4 master boards (32 signals) in a two slot, 8 (64 signals) in a three and 16 (128 signals) in a five slot panel
  • Wireless (minimal low voltage wiring) models available• Last event history (per gas board /signal point)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NFPA and ISO pre-loaded gas ‘labels’
  • English, and English/French pre-loaded languages
  • Editable text and alarm ‘labels’
  • Self-contained unit – Designed for ease of installation and service
  • Self-diagnostic error message display for ease of maintenance
  • Audio and visual alarm indicators
  • Bright easy to read LCD displays – clearly visible in both day and night lighting conditions
  • Constant display and monitoring of each sensor input
  • User programmable high/low set points on transducer and 4-20 mA sensor input boards
  • Dry contacts provided on the CPU module for general fault condition covering entire panel
  • Hinged frame for easy accessibility
  • Color coded displays
  • Five year parts warranty and one year labor warranty



SKU 08456 Category Tag

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