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Western Enterprises BIA-3 Remote A/V Alarm

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Western Enterprises BIA-3 Remote A/V Alarm

Western® Audio/Visual Remote Alarm operates at 24 VAC and is rated at 75 dB within 100 cm distance. Alarm features red and green lights along with a buzzer featuring a squelch button. The green light is on when the service bank is in use and the red light along with the buzzer turns on when the service bank is extinguished. The buzzer is silenced by the squelch button while the red light stays illuminated until the bank is exhausted.

  • Audio/visual alarm panel – contains red and green alarm lights and buzzer with “squelch” button
  • Green light remains illuminated while “service” bank is in use
  • When “service” bank is exhausted, green light is extinguished, red light is lighted plus buzzer, rated 75 decibels within 100 centimeters, is activated to ensure notice of the alarm conditions
  • A touch of the squelch button silences the buzzer, but the red alarm light will remain illuminated until the exhausted bank has been replaced
SKU 08218 Category Tag

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