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Amico A3AR-U-OV ALERT-3 LCD Area Alarm

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Amico A3AR-U-OV ALERT-3 LCD Area Alarm

Amico’s Alert-3 LCD Area Alarm actively displays your Medical Gas information on a highly visible 10″ (25.4 cm) TFT LCD screen. Capable of handling up to 8 gases, one alarm fits all areas of the hospital, regardless of gas requirements. Facilities can also upgrade existing alarms via our simple “Retro-fit,” with no need to break walls or cut pipes. Bring your facility into the 21st century with state of the art LCD technology. Its quality and design will bring you years of accuracy and reliability.

The Digital LCD Area Alarm system is an Amico Alert-3 series, complete with a five-year warranty.

The LCD alarm is microprocessor based with a 10″ [25.4 cm] screen and capable of monitoring up to 8 sensors. Sensors are mounted locally (in the rough-in box) by installing the copper pipe provided or mounted remotely. Sensors are automated for gas specific detection.

Each sensor is gas specific and an error message displayed for an incorrect connection.

Each specific gas service has a digital read-out comprising of 0-249 psi [0-1,717 kPa] for pressure and 0-30 inHg [-100-0 kPa] for vacuum. The digital read-out shall provide a continuous indication of each service being measured. A separate indicator is provided for each service indicating a green “NORMAL” and a red “HIGH” or “LOW” alarm condition.


  • LCD alarm panel incorporates the latest microprocessor based technology
  • Smallest 8 gas alarm in the industry
  • Auto detecting gas sensors
  • Digital sensors can be mounted locally or remotely utilizing a #22 gauge stranded, shielded, twisted pair cable ONLY
  • Sensors housed in a solid, tamper-proof enclosure to act as a barrier against any interference
  • LCD brightness and volume is field adjustable
  • LCD display readable in poor lighting conditions
  • Self diagnostic and error message display for ease of maintenance
  • Customizable screen text for displaying gas locations
  • High / Low alarm set points for each gas are field adjustable
  • Gas specific sensor with DISS nut and nipple
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