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Beacon Madaes ZVBL-5-CLR-B16Z Zone Valve Box For Laboratories

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Beacon Madaes ZVBL-5-CLR-B16Z Zone Valve Box For Laboratories

The Beacon Medaes ZVBL Series zone valve boxes are fully customized to meet desired safety shut-off requirements. The following items can be combined to construct a suitable zone valve box to meet each specific application need.

Thanks to the aluminum extrusions used to make the recessed enclosures, the ZVBL Series are all tailor-made. The top and bottom sides of the enclosure can be cut to any length, which allows the enclosure to be sized to any desired width and length. The back panel, also made out of aluminum, is painted white to provide good contrast between the internal components of the enclosure. The front picture frame is composed out of anodized aluminum and an impact resistant polycarbonate clear window. The depth of the standard ZVBL Series zone valve box is made to fit into a 2”x 4” studded wall, but is also available in an extended size, which fits into a 2” x 6” studded wall.

A front picture frame, made of anodized aluminum, is mounted to the recessed enclosure. The frame includes a removable impact resistant sheet window crafted of clear polycarbonate with pullout ring(s). Access to the shutoff valve(s) inside the box is achieved by simply pulling the pullout ring(s) on the window. The window can easily be reinstalled without the use of tools only after the valve handles have been returned to the open position.

Beacon Medaes offers a variety of valves depending upon flow, pressure and purity of gases used. The most common valve is the quarter-turn, high purity, two-piece all stainless steel ball valve but other types of valves are also available such as diaphragm valves, needle valves and medical ball valves. Valves are normally hand operated and require a quarter turn to go from a fully open position to a fully closed position. The standard depth box accepts valves up to 1-1/2” or 2” depending on their make and model. Larger valves are available but would need to be installed in the extended enclosure.

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