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Beacon Medaes MNE-HH3X3-O2-AS Standard Automatic Manifold

SKU: 17215


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Beacon Medaes MNE-HH3X3-O2-AS Standard Automatic Manifold

BeaconMedaes Lifeline® manifolds are available in a variety of configurations and gas services for gas cylinder and liquid container applications.

BeaconMedaes Lifeline® manifolds are available in 340 kPa (50 psig), 690 kPa (100 psig) and 1,240 kPa (180 psig) versions for whatever gas requirement you have.

BeaconMedaes Lifeline® manifolds employ dome biasing to eliminate heaters and maximize flows, and are free of fluoropolymers in the high pressure headers for maximum safety.

The Lifeline® manifolds have undergone extensive endurance testing, ignition (Adiabatic) testing, environmental testing and flow rate testing to ensure the manifold provides the highest degree of quality in the market today.

The improved design, validated through extensive testing, ensures the manifold maintains its reliability while reducing the potential for leaks, avoiding wasteful gas losses. The NEMA 4 enclosure and environmental testing provides the ability for outdoor installations. Our LifeLine® Global Manifolds are designed to be superior performers in any medical gas service.

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