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Bovie XLDE-DC MI 550 LED Dual Ceiling Exam Light

SKU: 07793


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Bovie XLDE-DC MI 550 LED Dual Ceiling Exam Light

Compact but powerful, Bovie XLDE-DC MI 550 LED Dual Ceiling Exam Light is the perfect fit and offers the greatest value in an examination light. It provides maximum brightness, sharpness and color accuracy, so you can visualize your work in the most precise way. And the 55,000 hour-rated LED life means this light will faithfully serve your practice for many long years, while consuming the least amount of energy.? Output rated at 55,000 LUX at 24 inches (610mm) distance.

  • Output rated at 55,000 LUX at 24 inches (610mm) distance
  • 4,300  K pure white illumination
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 97
  • Whiter, more color-correct light than halogen exam lights
  • Near-zero?heat from both light beam and light head housing
  • High efficiency with half the electric consumption of standard halogen lights
  • Compact head design with smooth arm articulation
  • Lower overall maintenance costs due to long-lasting LEDs


Optical Specifications:
Number of LEDs: 8
Output: 55,000 Lux @ 24 inches (0.6m)
CCT: 4,300 degrees K
CRI: 97
Focal Length: 24 inches (0.6m)
Dimming Levels: 2
Dimming Percentages: 100%, 50%
Endo Mode: No
Light Field (d10): 6.0  ( 152mm)
Light Field (d50): 3.5  ( 89mm)
Irradiance: 71 W/m2

Electrical Specifications:
Supply Circuit: 100- 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Fuse Rating: 1.5 Amp/250VAC
Power Supply power handling capacity: 65W
Light Head power consumption: 16W @ 24VDC

Environmental Specifications:
Ambient/Operating temperature:?41 F to 104 F (5 C to 40 C)
Storage Temperature: -4 F to 122 F (-20 C to 50 C)
Humidity: 10   90% Relative Humidity
Pressure: 100kPA (@<2k meters)

Mechanical Specifications:
Light Head Weight: 6.9 lbs (3.1 kg)
Light Head Dimensions: 9.2  (234mm) 2.6  (66mm)
Arm Assembly Weight: Single = 48.3 lbs  (22.0 kg),
Arm Assembly Weight: Dual = 77.1 lbs   (35.0 kg)
Articulating Arm Vertical Movement:  20  Up, -60  Down
Articulating Arm Horizontal Movement: 540
Articulating Arm/Yoke Interface: 540
Yoke/Light Head Interface: 300

Made in the USA

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