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Amico VDT01D-080H-BDAD Duplex 1.5 HP Lifeline Oil-less Medical Rotary Vane Vacuum Horizontal Tank Mount System

SKU: 17222


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Amico VDT01D-080H-BDAD Duplex 1.5 HP Lifeline Oil-less Medical Rotary Vane Vacuum Horizontal Tank Mount System

The Amico lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are single-staged, air-cooled and direct driven. Proven to be one of the most reliable pumps currently available in the industry; the compact, simple design offers low maintenance as well as quiet and long lasting operation to end users. Constructed with direct driven vacuum pumps, this assembly eliminates potential wearing or loosening of gears. Additionally, the dynamically balanced multi-vane design yields maximum heat dissipation for the vacuum system.

The duplex horizontal tank mount lubricated rotary vane pumps provide footprint reduction and enhance the overall serviceability by means of a compact design. Relative to the space saver configuration, the horizontal tank mount is capable of accommodating larger sized pumps and accessories. The duplex horizontal tank mount configuration consists of two vacuum pumps mounted on top of the tank. Positioned horizontally on top of the receiver tank, this configuration is available for pumps ranging between 1.5 – 10.1 HP, offering you maximum space efficiency.

The vacuum system takes air from the inlet. The air is passed through an inlet filter (optional) to prevent solid matter from entering the vacuum system. The vacuum pump draws air from the system and from the receiver tank. This allows the system to produce a more stable vacuum level and prevents multiple starting and stopping of the pump(s). All parts of the system are designed to be isolated including the pump(s) and tank(s). This ensures the continuity of medical vacuum for the patients connected to the system. Transport The system is split and crated according to specifications. Amico will make every attempt to split the system into as few pieces as possible to consolidate shipping.

Control Panel

  • UL listed control panel in a NEMA 12 enclosure with a 5.7″ Touch Screen Display
  • Manual reset for all alarms
  • All control and alarm functions shall remain energized while any pump in the system remains electrically online
  • Ethernet connectivity with embedded webpage for remote monitoring, password protected for remote adjustment of all operating parameters
  • Lag pump will start automatically should the lead pump fail to operate

Vacuum Pump

  • Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane type with air cooled design
  • Dynamically balanced multi-vane design
  • Bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed
  • Pump shall be direct driven
  • Equipped with a built-in anti-suck back valve mounted at the pump inlet
  • Means of removal of the vacuum pump for service or replacement without interruption to the system

Air Receiver

  • ASME certified with provisions for isolating the receiver without interruption of the vacuum service
  • Rated for full vacuum service with a minimum 200 psig design pressure
  • Inside of the receiver consists of a two-part epoxy coating providing rust protection equal or better than that achieved by galvanizing

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Weight 1100 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 41 × 78 in


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