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Amico ALERT-4 LCD Ethernet Master Alarm


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Amico ALERT-4 LCD Ethernet Master Alarm

Amico’s Alert-4 LCD Ethernet Master Alarm actively displays your Medical Source Equipment status on a highly visible 10″ (25.4 cm) LCD screen. Capable of handling up to 30 Channels, the Alert-4 LCD Ethernet Master Alarm is Ethernet ready, capable of displaying an exact replica of the alarm status on a computer screen in the facility’s local network via Ethernet. In addition, an exact image of the alarm can be displayed on a mobile device connected to the local network via wifi.

The Amico LCD Ethernet Master Alarm system is an Amico Alert-4 series, complete with a five-year warranty. Each LCD Alarm is microprocessor based and field adjustable. Ethernet capable for convenient viewing, remotely or wirelessly, anywhere in the building. Monitor up to 30 channels. Each channel can be labelled with up to 16 characters per line. Alarm conditions can be selected as normally open or normally closed.

Channels can be grouped together or separated using Amico Master Configuration Software. When channels are in normal condition, the channel will illuminate in green. When a channel is in fault condition, an alarm will sound and both the channel heading and the channel in fault will illuminate in red. Heading will display channel status in fault. Maintenance mode for easy troubleshooting: press and hold the mute button for 20 seconds and the display will show the terminal port for each channel. Repeat alarm function shall be capable of turning on the buzzer again after a preset time, if the fault condition has not been rectified. Dry contact for remote monitoring.

Capable of sending email or text messages when in fault condition. Email and text messages will also provide panel URL and location installed for easy access. By clicking URL, an exact image of the panel screen will display on mobile devices. Amico Mobile Eco System App is available on the Apple App Store & Google Play to download. It will provide an exact and instant visual representation of the alarm conditions to eliminate the need for nurses to call maintenance personnel in the evert of a gas outage. The App will also help maintenance personnel to localize the outage for quicker resolution.

The Amico Alert-4 Series LCD Master Alarm is Ethernet ready, for use with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. Amico products comply with NFPA 99, CSA Z7396.1 and CSA Z305.1.

  • The LCD Alarm shall be capable of displaying an exact replica of the alarm on a computer screen via the facility’s ethernet or internet
  • In addition, an exact image of the alarm can be displayed on a mobile device
  • The LCD Alarm will update its status every second
  • Easy access via “Amico Mobile Eco System” App (Apple and Android)
  • Web Audio Enable: Web Audio will trigger when alert occurs via ethernet
  • Unlimited records of history
  • Amico Alert-4 Master Alarm Specifications
  • Amico Alert-4 LCD Ethernet Master Alarm Manual

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