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Busch R-530 Vacuum Pump Oil

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Busch R-530 Vacuum Pump Oil

Busch R-530 Vacuum Pump Oil is a non-detergent refined hydrocarbon oil, compatible in most R5 series of vacuum pumps.

Oil is essential for vacuum generation in oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. The role of oil is twofold: A smooth rotation cycle, allowing the vanes to slide out freely. And an efficient sealing of the compression chamber.

However, during operation, the vacuum pump oil is exposed to various sources of contamination.  It loses viscosity over time.

Running a vacuum pump with degraded inferior oil will reduce the performance and shorten the lifecycle. A regular oil change and the use of high-quality oils ensure your vacuum pump is performing at the optimum and continues to meet your process requirements.

Busch R-530 Vacuum Pump Oil is quality mechanical vacuum pump oil for the ultimate performance of your Busch R5 Rotary Vane pumps. Busch R-530 Oil is specially prepared by Busch to meet the R5 Rotary Vane exclusive specifications.

  • 1 QUART

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