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Concoa 5803004 AE3004 Series Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

SKU: 21050

  • Long Life Zirconium Oxide O2 Sensor
  • Smart Electronics
  • Calibration


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Concoa 5803004 AE3004 Series Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

The O2 Deficiency Monitor is a compact gas monitoring system that’s ideal for the continuous monitoring of inert gas storage areas, confined spaces, and other locations where low oxygen levels may pose a hazard to personnel. Unlike electrochemical sensor cells the O2 zirconium cell provides stable oxygen readings even in areas where temperature and humidity levels are changing. The CONCOA O2 Deficiency Monitor is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Ce approved.

The heart of the monitoring system is a long lasting zirconium sensor, which responds to low oxygen conditions within seconds and provides accurate measurements over a wide temperature and humidity range. The zirconium O2 sensor cell will operate continuously for 10 or more years and requires an absolute minimum of maintenance. There are no zero or span calibration pots to adjust and when compared to disposable type sensors, our long life zirconium O2 sensor can save up to hundreds of dollars in annual maintenance. Ideal for continuously monitoring oxygen levels in confined spaces or areas where inert gases are used, the O2 Deficiency Monitor does not drift or loose sensitivity when the weather or temperature changes.

The electronics are housed in a Nema 3 housing. Each system consists of a long life zirconium oxide sensor cell and three-wire transmitter. The O2 monitor may be used as a stand-alone gas detector, linked to optional CONCOA single and multipoint controllers, or connected to your own centralized control and surveillance system. This manual covers the installation, operation, and maintenance of the O2 deficiency monitor.

  • Long Life Zirconium Oxide O2 Sensor
  • Smart Electronics
  • Calibration

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