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Amico A3AR-U-O ALERT-3 LCD Remote Alarm

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Amico A3AR-U-O ALERT-3 LCD Remote Alarm

The Amico Medical Gas LCD Alarm System (Alert-3) incorporates the latest microprocessor based technology for alarm and surveillance systems. The alarm has been designed to provide user flexibility and reliability. This manual shall enable the customer to install, use and maintain the alarm appropriately. There is one “MUTE” or “PUSH TO TEST” button located on the front face of the LCD alarm. The button has two functions: to silence an alarm that has occurred and to view the audible alarm sound level at high and low set points. When an audible alarm is triggered, press the button to silence the alarm.

To view the audible alarm sound level at high and low set points, press and hold the button for 20 seconds to display the information on the LCD Alarm screen. All Gases or Vacuums are displayed on the LCD alarm for clear visibility to facilitate the monitoring function by hospital personnel. Under normal operation, the gas indicator will be in the “GREEN – OK” position. If an alarm condition occurs, a “RED-Alarm” indicator will be displayed and an audible alarm shall be continuous until silenced by pushing the “MUTE” button.

The LCD Alarm can be connected to a “Building Management System” for a generic alarm dry contact fault indicator.

  • Microprocessor based digital LCD and individual microprocessor on each sensor module
  • Gas-specific sensors can be mounted locally or remotely, up to a distance of 1000 feet [304.8 m], utilizing a #22 gauge stranded, shielded twisted pair cable ONLY DISS gas-specific sensor housed in a tamper-proof enclosure
  • The Sensor Module is housed in an anodized aluminum and nickel-plated brass enclosure to act as a barrier against any interference
  • The Sensor Module is the smallest computer-calibrated temperature-compensated sensor in the industry • PSI, kPa, inHg, mmHg or BAR display (programmable)
  • Self diagnostic circuitry with error display for problem identification
  • Very accurate Solid State Pressure piezo-resistive transducer
  • Dry contact is built in for remote monitoring of the LCD alarm
  • Modules are factory mounted on a hinged frame assembly for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Field programmable push buttons for adjustment of “HI” and “LOW” set-points
  • LCD Alarm available in 1 to 8 gases
  • Amico Alert-3 LCD Alarm Specs
  • Amico Alert-3 LCD Alarm Manual


SKU 09203 Category Tag

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